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Message from the Hon. Deputy Minister

Mr. Ameer Ali Sabdeen
Hon. Deputy Minister of Rural Economic


Rural livelihoods are enhanced through effective participation of rural people and rural communities in the management of their own social, economic and environmental objectives by empowering people in rural areas, particularly women and youth, through organizations such as local cooperatives in the country. Close economic integration of rural areas with neighboring urban areas and the creation of rural off-farm employment can narrow rural-urban disparities will expand job opportunities and encourage the retention of skilled people, including youth, in rural areas. There is considerable requirement in rural job creation not only in agro processing, animal production and rural industry but also in building rural infrastructure and sustainable management of natural resources.

Rural communities in developing countries still face with the challenges related to access to basic services, economic opportunities and some degree of incoherence with regard to planning related to rural-urban divide. Investments in environmental conservation, rural infrastructure and in rural health and education are critical to sustainable rural development and can enhance nation’s well-being. Beyond meeting basic needs, investments must be linked to the potential to raise productivity and income.

Hence the success of sustainable rural development depends on developing and implementing comprehensive strategies for dealing with climate change, drought, floods and natural disasters within the country.

Therefore as the deputy minister of rural economy of my country, I, abiding with the visions of good governance, would strive hard through the responsibilities provided to me through the state in order to promote poverty eradication in rural areas by planning  and budgeting at the national and local levels, while addressing the basic needs and enhancing provision of services to improve livelihoods and as an enabling factor of people’s engagement in productive activities which will develop the rural economy of the country.



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4 வது தளம், இல.492, ஆ.ஏ.டீ மெல் மாவத்தை, கொழும்பு 03
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