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A Prosperous Nation through a Sustainable Rural Economy


Livelihood development, development of livestock-farm products of high quality to match the local demand and promotion of prosperous, local producers capable of meeting the demands of the competition in the local and the international market successfully, aiming at raising the economic status of the rural population.

  • Provide financial support required for implementing rural livelihood development projects for economically uplifting the rural people and promotion of rural infrastructure facilities of small entrepreneurship development
  • Raise livestock of high productivity for development of the livestock sector, and offer requisite technical guidance and assistance in order to ensure the hygienic quality of food
  • Propagate  animal feed of quality with a view to raising a healthy animal population and ensure an efficient veterinary health service capable of prevention and control of diseases affecting animals
  • Propagate optimal utilization of animal gene resources of superior quality obtainable from livestock, towards generating a high capacity of production, and  develop indigenous animal species
  • Encourage the relevant partners to market animal-based products, process and add value to them, in order to set up a systematic marketing network
  • Provide incentives towards achievement of the targeted growth in the production of milk, while strengthening  the local dairy farmer
  • Purchase agricultural products at the regional and village levels, store them and co-ordinate marketing of agricultural products, through the establishment of fully empowered National Agricultural Marketing Authority
  • Establish Dedicated Economic Centres with the objective of retaining the prices of agricultural products at a sustainable level by linking wholesale traders and consumers with agricultural producers

Functions and responsibilities assigned to the Ministry of Rural Economic Affairs by the Gazette Extraordinary No. 1933/13 dated 21 September 2015 by H.E. Maithripala Sirisena, President of the Democratic, Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, are spelt out below.

  • Formulation of policies, programmes and projects within the scope of work assigned to the Departments and Statutory Institutions operating under the Ministry, relevant to the subject of Rural Economy, and implementation, follow up and evaluation of projects
  • Implementation of Rural Livelihood Development Projects
  • Formulation of Regional Development and Rural Development Policies and Strategic Development Policies
  • Development of Rural Infrastructure Facilities and Small Enterprises
  • Provision of financial assistance for Rural Economic Activities
  • Provision of necessary facilities for enhancement of livestock products
  • Animal Welfare and the related activities
  • Taking steps necessary for Promotion of Livestock-based Products, their Propagation and Development
  • Expansion of the Research Division of the Livestock Sector utilizing modern technology and taking measures for qualitative and quantitative development of products, based on the research findings
  • Propagation of Scientific Breeding Methods for proliferation of the animal population  and quarantine activities

The above functions assigned to this Ministry are implemented under 04 main Thrust Areas.

  • Development of rural livelihoods for economic  upliftment of the rural people
  • Fulfillment of the local demand through the development of high quality livestock products
  • Regularization of the market by setting up a systematic marketing network for marketing, processing and value addition of livestock products
  • Producing local manufacturers capable of facing the competition within the local and the international markets, through co-ordination of purchase, storage and marketing of agro-products

The institutions operating under this Ministry for efficient execution of the functions assigned to it are as follows.

  1. Department of Animal Production and Health
  2. National Livestock Development Board
  3. Milco (Private) Limited
  4. Mahaweli Livestock Enterprises Limited
  5. Sri Lanka Poultry Development Private Limited
  6. Paddy Marketing Board
  7. Dedicated Economic Centres
  8. Rural Resuscitation  Fund
  9. Rural Resuscitation Fund (finance)
  10. 10.  Janadiriya Fund (Gramodaya Mandala Fund)
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