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Rural Economic Development


Rural Economic Development

The Development and Planning Division of the Ministry has implemented Rural Economic Development projects utilizing local funds with the objective of facilitating funds required for implementing rural livelihood development projects and development of infrastructure and small enterprises development to enhance the rural people economically. The following projects are implemented by this division:

  1. Kithul Development project
  2. Pottery villages Development project
  3. Development of Traditional Handicraft villages
  4. Rural Infrastructure facilities and livelihood development Programme


Kithul Development Project

Under this project, various measures have been taken to enhance the living standard of Kithul industrialists identified, craftsmen and entrepreneurs in divisional secretariat areas where Kithul Industry is thriving. The Government has mediate in the development of Kithul Industry  by conducting training programmes, provision of goods and equipment , introducing new and quality products, and assisting the promotion of Kithul products,

Financial provisions amounting to Rs.15 Mn was made available from local funds for the Kithul Development project in 2018 and arrangements are in progress for inviting project proposals from the selected Divisional Secretaries and they have been kept informed.














Traditional Handicraft Development Project

The Project of Traditional Handicraft Development is aimed to develop the traditional handicraft industry island wide. Accordingly, Traditional Handicraftsmen will be facilitated by providing    technical assistance introducing market-oriented designs, market opportunities, diversification of products and  apply of modern equipment.


Mask production, Pabalu related handicraft, Timber based handicraft, production of handicrafts using coconut shell, Batik industry, ‘Black smith’ industry, Bambo related designs, Thawasi Brush Production, Jwellery industry, Beeralu Renda Industry, Ornamental products made by coloured paper are intended to be developed under this project.



Pottery Villages Development   Project

This project envisages encouraging families engaged in rural pottery industry, economically empowering potters, expansion of marketing facilities through introduction of market oriented projects and provision of equipment to low income –earning potters.

Activities implemented under this project are:

  • Provide training to potters engaged in traditional pottery industry
  • Conduct of training programmes on the application of modern technology in pottery industry
  • Provide clay grinders to potters
  • Provide electric Sakaporu to potters
  • Supply  machinery , equipment and blocks  required for manufacturing  gas clay pots
  • Introduce sale Centres to assist potters for marketing their products.
  • Encourage potters through Marketing Exhibition and Trade Fairs.



Distribution of Eelectric ‘Sakaporu’ - Kuliyapitiya (West) Divisional Secretariat




Rural Economic Development Project -2018

It has been planned to take productive measures to enhance the living standards of rural people and uplift the low income recipients in urban and semi-Urban areas as well; focusing attention to the programmes for eliminating poverty; through this programme development of Rural Infrastructure Facilities and Implementation of livelihood Development Programmes will be done under this.

Development activities such as development of rural access roads, construction and modernization of culverts, small bridges, and drainage systems, supply of drinking facilities, renovation /repair of drinking water wells, multipurpose buildings and other common amenities will be done under development of infrastructure facilities.

As granting necessary knowledge, equipment and facilities for development of livelihood development, granting knowledge, equipment, technology and facilities for development of rural entrepreneurship are essential facts ;necessary assistances granted by this project for that.

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